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About eswelt

Eswelt was founded in 2013, aiming to be a highly specialized ERP and CRM staffing organization. In recent years, due to our triple niche focus, we have built up the largest staffing network of ERP and CRM professionals in the Netherlands.

For Eswelt consultants, who are in contact with both clients and professionals, it is essential that they know exactly what is going on within their niche. The Eswelt team keeps a close eye on the market, goes to training sessions regularly and they organize knowledge sessions and meetups to share knowledge and keep in touch.

Eswelt operates under the wings of Altus Staffing, an international group specialized in IT-Staffing.

Eswelt IT consultants



Eswelt guides ERP and CRM professionals with the next step in their career. We do this by clearly mapping out both personal and professional goals, and seeing which of the four Eswelt services is appropriate to attain them. Curious as to which service is a good fit for you? 


Eswelt has an extensive network of ERP and CRM professionals in the Netherlands. Our consultants are in contact with the market every day and can provide you with personalized solutions through our four staffing solutions. Curious what we can do for you? 

CRM events


Eswelt puts great emphasis on knowledge sharing. That is why we write blogs about the latest trends and regularly organize interesting meetups and conferences. During these events, we discuss hot topics and offer an excellent opportunity to network in an inspiring environment.