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Eswelt is your partner when it comes to staffing ERP and CRM professionals. Since 2013 we've been working on our connections in this niche, and it has paid off; we have the most extensive network of ERP and CRM professionals in the Netherlands. 

Eswelt serves the market with four different services:

Our interim division supports clients with a temporary need for expertise. Because of our niche focus, we know exactly where to find the professional you need. Every month dozens of professionals find a new interim assignment through Eswelt.

With our Employer Contract Model (ECM), Eswelt now has a vast pool of ERP and CRM professionals that can help your organization instantly, may the need arise. They are employed by Eswelt and are trained to be up-to-date with the latest techniques to ensure a quick solution.

Search & Selection
If a permanent ERP and CRM professional is needed, our Search & Selection team is happy to share their knowledge and experience. By working within the ERP and CRM market for years, and gaining in-depth knowledge within the specialties of this niche, we know exactly what it takes to find the right professional.

Temp to perm
Our temp to perm solution offers clients the option of starting with the flexibility of an ECM, that could eventually lead to permanent employment. The temp to perm solution allows for a more in-depth observation if the professional is a good fit for your needs; this makes better long-term matches.

How do we distinguish ourselves?

ERP & CRM clients

Our niche-focused approach

Eswelt distinguishes itself from its competition by applying a triple focus to the market:

  1. A specialty within the niche;
  2. One type of employment;
  3. A regional focus.

This means that an Eswelt consultant focuses specifically on the mediation of, for example, SAP, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics (specialism), interim positions (employment type) and the Utrecht region (regional focus). By applying this triple focus while being in daily contact with both clients and professionals, they know exactly what is going on within their niche.

The largest IT network

By emphasizing long-term relationships, Eswelt now has an extensive and highly specialized ERP and CRM network.

Community building

Eswelt believes in the power of sharing knowledge. Therefore we serve as the hub for a close-knit community within the ERP and CRM market. Eswelt facilitates various meetups with inspiring speakers, knowledge sharing and networking events, and we share the latest trends & developments through online blogs and social media channels. In addition, the parent company of Eswelt, Altus Staffing, organizes two large conferences a year that bring clients and professionals closer together in an inspiring environment.

Intensive personal contact

Knowing what is going on within the ERP and CRM market is very important for our consultants. By being at the center of the market and being in touch with clients and professionals constantly, they know exactly where and when certain expertise is available within their niche. 

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