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Employer Contract Model

Eswelt has a continuously growing group of professionals that work through our organization. If you are looking for the excitement of interim work, but also need the stability of a salary, we are happy to offer you a career within our organization.

A personal approach is our guideline. If you come to work for Eswelt, we draw up a personal development plan to map and realize your goals. Thanks to our strong network of ERP and CRM clients, we know exactly which project is most suitable for the next step in your career.

We are happy to invest in long-term relationships and promote lifelong learning. This includes external coaching, training or other forms of professional development to help you further in your career. Besides that, we also offer excellent primary and secondary employment benefits. This could include, for example, a lease car, pension plan, and a large personal training budget. In addition, we offer an attractive bonus scheme for our professionals.

Knowledge sharing and lifelong learning are interwoven in Eswelt's DNA. We organize monthly meetups with inspiring speakers from your professional field and various networks where professionals can spar with their professional colleagues.

Enjoy the freedom of self-employment with a permanent employer. Join Eswelt, your network in the world of Enterprise Systems.

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