Interim erp & crm vacancies


Our consultants have a vast network of clients looking for interim professionals. Every month dozens of professionals find a new assignment through Eswelt. We are in daily contact with a broad range of clients in various regions in the Netherlands. By working in detail within a specific region, Eswelt is on top of the newest and most sought-after assignments on the market.

Eswelt has already helped many professionals with their first assignment; we also regularly meet at the various meetups, knowledge sessions and networking events. By focusing on long-term relationships with you as a professional, we can make better matches and find the best assignments for you. This goes beyond skill and focusses on things like culture, personal preferences and work/life balance.

In addition, we are always ready to advise on laws and regulations. Eswelt has a strong back office that supports professionals in multiple areas such as drafting contracts, invoicing and payment processes.

By offering professional training and really serving as a sparring partner for freelancers, we see that interim professionals often work with Eswelt throughout their careers.

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