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By being in daily contact with clients in the Dutch ERP and CRM market, Eswelt has a broad portfolio of highly sought-after permanent vacancies. Our consultants focus on their specialism within the Enterprise Systems, which sets them apart as a staffing partner. We focus on specialisms such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With such a focus, Eswelt has built up an extensive network of clients in the Netherlands. 

In recent years, Eswelt has assisted hundreds of professionals in finding suitable positions with clients in various sectors. We work with a wide variety of companies: from corporate businesses to non-profit organizations.

To get to know you as a professional, we find it very important to have a personal meeting. During these face-to-face meetings, we will discuss your needs and your individual situation to ensure a great match all around. We know that matters such as work-life balance, the number of working hours and salary are essential for long-term relationships between clients and professionals.

We will introduce you to suitable clients based on your specific needs and expectations. Before you start an interview, we will prepare you extensively. We will also provide feedback from clients and advise you during your contract negotiations.

Eswelt is happy to open up its network to you and serve as a valuable partner throughout your career.

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