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DevOps working method in a SAP environment

De Nieuwe Poort (Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam)

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Eswelt is organizing the next SAP Meetup. During this event we will discuss a much-discussed topic in the IT and SAP world; DevOps. Two speakers will share their experiences on different project approaches and share their findings with regard to the DevOps working method in an SAP environment.

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18:30 Walk-in (burgers + drink)

19:00 Bjorn Tammer (National Netherlands)

19:45 Break

20:00 Gert Touw (TriplePlus)

20:45 Network drink

# 1: 15 years of evolution, from Waterfall to Agile DevOps. What fits better in your environment?

Waterfall, DSDM, Prince2, ASAP, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, DevOps, BizDevOps ... just a list of methods and concepts used to organize work, but does it matter which methods or concepts you apply at all ? Based on practical examples, I will guide you through the various methods, their strengths and weaknesses, to jointly determine which method fits best in the SAP environment in which you operate.

# 2: DevOps in the SAP environment. Loose bag or step forward

Everyone is talking about Agile, DevOps etc. The discussions about the method sometimes take almost religious forms. Is it just a hype, or does it provide the added value that your customer desires. And how does that fit into the SAP World? Is it different, is it the same? We will try to give the answers to these questions in the talk.

About the speakers

1. Bjorn Tammer (National Netherlands)

Bjorn Tammer has been working in projects for 15 years as Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Controller and Change Manager. Where he started as an IT Project Manager for the construction of customized POS systems and warehouse management systems integrated with JD Edwards, he has specialized in SAP projects for the last 6 years and is currently active as Product Owner of SAP Platform within NN Group . During the past 15 years he has come across many work forms for Bjorn and he likes to share his vision on how and when to use which work form, because in his eyes organizing work can always be better!

2. Gert Touw (TriplePlus)

Gert Touw is a project and program manager in heart and soul, with over 25 years of experience in a diverse ERP World, including SAP, MS Dynamics, IFS and SAP Hybris Commerce. Gert has also been a time manager of an SAP Competence center. In recent years he has also heard the terms Agile, Scrum, Devops and all other buzzwords more and more often, and he sees the appearances in the companies where he is active, certainly in the world of SAP Hybris Commerce. What does this mean in practice? Gert shares his experiences why it works or doesn't work.