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Continuous learning

Marc Noks works via Eswelt as a freelance CRM developer for the insurance company CZ. ‘It’s a fairly large company, with a large IT workforce. My job is mainly to work on Zorgvinder, a tool that helps people find the right health insurance.’

The job

CZ is one of the largest health insurance providers in the Netherlands. Mark was very excited to get started with his new job. ‘The challenge in my job is figuring out how to transfer from an old system to new technology. It involves things like transforming the CRM version 2026 into Dynamics 365 and eventually migrating to the cloud.’

Marc was glad to be able to put his skills to work at CZ. ‘They were looking for someone with my skill set. This isn’t the first time I’ve done a migration from a CRM to the cloud. So, I was able also take on an advisory role at CZ. We’re actually constantly working on adapting and updating our systems.’

Eswelt CRM developer project at CZ - continuous learning
Eswelt CRM developer project at CZ - the challenge

The challenge

Marc says that working with Eswelt has been a very positive experience. ‘Eswelt isn’t like other recruitment companies. You notice that right away. Eswelt actually adds value. They really look closely to see if there’s a good match between the professional and the project. And they are very real. They wouldn’t just offer me a job in Maastricht, because they know I live in Arnhem.’

Marc also says that he felt very well supported by Eswelt throughout the application and interview process. ‘Eswelt was able to tell me a lot about the client. There are all kinds of details about a client that you simply cannot know on your own. You can always check their website, but that doesn’t really tell you the full story. The consultants at Eswelt were able to tell me exactly what to expect and who I would be talking to.’

​How we work

  • We listen to the needs of our clients and our professionals. Every IT activity requires a different approach.

  • Our triple-specialised focus helps us carefully select the right IT professionals for the job.

  • After creating the match, we stay closely in contact with our professionals and our clients throughout the course of their project.

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