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Eswelt senior application manager at CMIS
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The link between applications and projects

Wim Wischmeijer works via Eswelt as senior application manager at the asset management company CMIS. ‘I am the senior application manager and also serve as team lead. I am responsible for all application-related projects. I lead the team members, attend Scrum sessions and contribute to many different projects.’

The job

Wim has a lot of experience in his field and was ready for a new challenge. ‘My job has a lot of complexity, so I always feel challenged in my work. My main task is to connect the dots between various applications and ongoing projects.’

Working as a senior application manager, Wim feels like he has finally found his spot. ‘I immediately felt like I was part of the team. It was exactly the next step in my career that I had been waiting for. My job at CMIS has been a golden opportunity for me.’

Eswelt senior application manager at CMIS - the job
Eswelt senior application manager at CMIS - the job

The challenge

Wim says that working with Eswelt is clear and easy. ‘I felt like they really know what’s going on in my field. That makes it really pleasant to work with them, but also to connect with them on the personal level. Just one example: when my consultant at Eswelt was on holiday, he still took the time to call me back. That just shows how committed and on-the-case they are.’

​How we work

  • We listen to the needs of our clients and our professionals. Every IT activity requires a different approach.

  • Our triple-specialised focus helps us carefully select the right IT professionals for the job.

  • After creating the match, we stay closely in contact with our professionals and our clients throughout the course of their project.

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