I am looking for an IT professional

Eswelt delivers IT specialists suited to your organisation and project

I am looking for an IT professional

Organisations today face major challenges when it comes to staffing IT professionals. Technical schools and universities can hardly produce enough new, qualified workers to fill all the positions that companies like yours need to meet their IT needs going forward. We are the leading specialist in staffing & consulting for ERP and CRM professionals.

Since our company was founded in 2011, we have built a carefully selected network of specialists in these fields. Because of the close relationships we build with our IT professionals, our consultants always have exactly the right candidates in mind whenever you’ve got an IT position to fill, no matter if it’s a permanent, temporary or consulting job.

Our consultants are experts in their field and they know the IT job market inside and out, including all the latest developments and trends. They are a valuable point of contact for you and your teams, and they can tell which professional is the best fit for your organisation, your projects and your job vacancies.

Here’s what makes Eswelt different:

  • Our highly specialised focus

  • Our strong network

  • Community building

  • Personal contact

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