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Salesforce meet-up rewind

On August 31st, Eswelt hosted an inspiring meet-up in collaboration with Salesforce User Group. The event was a lively and informative affair, offering attendees valuable insights into maximizing their Salesforce potential and overcoming real-world obstacles in the field service sector. The evening was also filled with opportunities to connect and gain valuable insights.

Maximize your Salesforce potential

Jaime van Heusden, representing Eswelt, took center stage to guide attendees on the path to maximizing their Salesforce potential. With a focus on both individuals and companies, Jaime emphasized the importance of leveraging Salesforce effectively. Jaime did a live demonstration of CV enhancement, illustrating practical ways to enhance one's profile and skills in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce field service challenges

Raph Bode, from Get Bike Service, shared invaluable insights into the challenges that startups encounter when venturing into the realm of Salesforce Field Service. Attendees gained a real-world perspective on the obstacles faced by businesses in this sector and learned strategies to navigate through them effectively.

Valuable insights

In summary, the evening was a well-rounded experience, offering attendees a balanced mix of knowledge sharing, networking, and engagement, and of course a nice drink afterwards. Whether it was discovering how to maximize Salesforce potential or learning about the real challenges of Salesforce Field Service, attendees left with enriched insights and a strengthened network within the Salesforce community.

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